Tournament information: rules, fees, location ....

Location: Pilsen, TJ Lokomotiva gym (further information, maps, etc ... soon)
Fees: Team fee - 120EUR, Players fee:7EUR

Rules: Phase 1: Pools of six teams, round robin, continuous play
Phase 2: Real mixed, offence chooses number of women on the line. Best 4 teams from each pool play off - quarterfinal->semifinal->final, last 2 teams from each pool make a pool of 4 and play round robin

Continous play: There are no pauses between points, game is played continously. After the point is scored the player who scored raises his hand (to help scorekeepers). Defensive team has to carry the disc to the middle of basic line in his endzone and starts offence with selfcheck. Players can substitute any time in the market area in the middle of the field, substituting players must touch each others hands.

Mixed rule during the continuos play is at least 2 women on the line all game.

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